Pancho Arena

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Architect: Imre Makovecz, Tamás Dobrosi
Interior design colleague: Ferenc Pálfalvi
Photography: László Lelkes
An organic design building is a particular challenge for an interior designer.By using folkloric elements in these interiors, my goal was to emphasize that the stadium is in Hungary not in China or in San Francisco.The function of the sports hall didn’t allow me to use traditional applications to achieve this goal. I decided to create folklore-inspired designs through the use of modern materials and technologies.Throughout the entire space, the ornaments accentuate the main elements.
On the counter’s front side I used cast concrete elements ofstandardized sizes.The flat plastic resulted in fine light and shadow effects.
On the false ceiling, the same motif is subtly engraved. The motif is laser-cut into the iron metal plates of the handrails. Metal sticks bridge the curving and size differences in between the standardized elements.
The cast red flooring blend the elements of the space.