Snopper-Design Studio activities include interior design and furniture design. We design buildings, building reconstructions, and prepare architectural permit plans. Tender plans and finishing plans as well. We are dedicated to high standards and outstanding qualities.

We have extensive experience in architectural design, interior design and furniture design. Our previous design projects include sports halls, hospitals, theaters, hotels and presidential buildings, etc.

Our permanent architect partner is Mr. István Füstös. We work with permanent partners in mechanical planning, but we are open to collaborate with other architects and architect firms also.


1982   School with 16 class-rooms, Kazincbarcika (Architect:István Károlyi)

1990   A.M.N01 furniture family

1990 Atrium Cinema, Margit krt. 51-53 interior design renovation (architect: Péter Jánossy)

1992 OMF guest rooms, Szeged

1994   Budapest,St.Stephen King School and Collage of Music Multipurpose hall (Architect:István Károlyi)

1994 Hungarian Radio Studios, former Eszterházy Palace 24.j. room, Pollack Mihály tér 08.Bp
Fönícia art relic Shoe Store, Budapest, Kossuth L.u.159 (architect: Zoltán Szirmai)
Wedding hall, Bábolna

1998   Hotel Bakony, Bakonybél (Architect: Ágnes Kravár)

1999   „Elegáns” furniture family

2000   Pesti Theatre interior refasioning and reconstruction permit design (Architects: Imre Stefler, István Füstös)
Trafic Control Szeged Mechanical Centre (Architect: Pazár Miklósné)

2001   “Antora” furniture family

2002   Country-house at Lake Balaton (Architect: István Füstös)

2002 Recreation Park Adventure Bath, Bükfürdő (architect: István Károlyi)

2003   Watch Museum Székesfehérvár
Study about wooden furniture and porcelain connection
(porcelain designer: Éva Kádasi

2003 Lecture Hall No. 6 of Szent István University of Agricultural Sciences, Gödöllő (architect: István Füstös)

2004   Family house XI.Sqr.Budapest (Architect: Gábor Helyes)
Family house XII.Sqr.Budapest (Architect: Gábor Helyes)
MÁGY Hotel of Climate Therapy (Architect: István Füstös)
Porcelain decoreted furniture family collection of samples (porcelain designer: Éva Kádasi)

2005 Ramada Hotel interior design tender plan (architect: Kristóf Szmetana)

2006   RAMADA Hotel interior design tender-plan (Architect: Kristóf Szmetana)
Theatre-Cinema Kalocsa (Architect: Pál Masszi, Andor Kovács)

2007   Puskás Academy Dormitory baroque style basement interior
Appartement interior design Bp.II. ker.
“FLOR” Chair prorotype

2008   Family house reconstruction Bp XXII. District (Architect: Füstös István)
Apartment interior Bp. XI.district
Bank chain store Solymár (Architect Füstös István)
Puskás Akadémia Diagnostical Centre(építész: Dobrosi Tamás)
“Flor” armchair prototype

2009   Puskás Academy Dormitory (vezető építész: Makovecz Imre)
Appartement interior design Bp.II. ker.

2010   Puskás Academy Refektórium (építész: Dobrosi Tamás)

2011   Puskás Academy Dormitory Central room furnishing and Zion interior (vezetőépítész: Makovecz Imre)

2011   Puskas Academy Dormitory, Hall furnishings and Chapel interior design (Architect: Imre Makovecz)

2013   Pancho Arena, Felcsút, VIP-Skybox floor interior design (Architect: Imre Makovecz, Tamás Dobrosi)

2013   Furniture design for the Chapel of Pázmáneum, Vienna

2014   Sacred spaces of Holy Angels Church, Gazdagrét (Budapest)interior design

2016 “Alexis” armchair

2017 Sacred Spaces of Holy Angels Church, Budapest, Gazdagrét Phase III (architect: Imre Koppányi)
Patiesserie, Halásztelek
Boarding house, Halásztelek

2018 “Mór” armchair (made with the support of NKA)

2019 Hungarian Benedictine Congregation, St. Moravian Priory Monastery Visitor Center, Győr interior design