1980   Interior design’80 Exibition, “Műcsarnok”

1988   Spring Exibition, “Műcsarnok”

1994   3+ 4 Exibition, “Vigadó” Gallery

1996   Workshop ’96 Interior Design,”Vigadó” Gallery

1999   Art Expo Budapest, International Fair

1999   World of Furniture, International Furniture Fair Hungary

2000   Hungarian Furniture Repertory Today, Museum of Fine Arts

2000   “Hungarian design still exists”, Veszprém, Balaton Furniture Factory

2001   Hungarian Millennium Applied Arts Exibition, “Műcsarnok”

2001   Hungarian Furniture Repertory Today, “Műcsarnok”

2001   World of Furniture, International Furniture Fair Hungary

2001   Interior Design, Kós Károly Hall

2003   “Where are we at?” Contemporary Hungarian Interior Design

2003   Museum of Applied Arts

2007   DIMA exibition Valencia, Spain

2008   Exibition of Applied Arts Olof Palme House

2008   Interieur08 exibition Kortrijk, Belgium

2008   Craft & Design, Museum of Applied Arts

2009   Keep on Creation, Hungarian Organics, Museum of Applied Arts

2011   Interior design exibition, FUGA Budapest

2012   Hungarian Contemporary Interior Design Exhibition, MKISZ Hall, Budapest

2013   “Chair of Mine” Interior Design Exhibition, MKISZ Hall, Budapest

2014   1st National Salon of Architecture Exhibition, Hall of Art, Budapest

2015   Hungarian Tradition and Design Exhibition, Monza, Italy

2017 Around us, Industry and Design, National Salon, Hall of Art,( Műcsarnok) Budapest

2018 Serving Architecture, “Széphárom” Gallery, Budapest
NKA 25th Anniversary Exhibition of supported applied art works, M21 Gallery, Pécs

2019 20th anniversary of the “Interior Designer of the Year award” exhibition, Vigadó Gallery
“Applied Arts in Interior Design”, Vigadó Gallery