2016 „ Alexis” armchair

3D graphic design: Csaba Benkő

width: 58 cm, depth: 48,8cm height: 76 cm (with lumbar support)

Trencadís is a style of mosaic works may be originated from Catalan modernism. Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol had often applied the special technique in their architectural designs. Casa Batllo and Park Guell are excellent examples showcasing various forms of trancedís. I chose this geometric ornamentation as my main inspiration, captured by the unruly playfulness of trencadís. I have often used bars instead of ordinary structuring elements in my past works, this time the trencadís creates the lattice in the armchair. The widening base shape of the armchair provides an extremely comfortable sitting position. The chair having lumbar support also complies with all ergonomic requirements, while also following a simplistic design.