2018 Cabinet „Rectángulo”

3D graphic design: Csaba Benkő

size: 90x35x122 cm

„The Old found in New”.Because all artists have the right to find artistic roots in antecedent art, and not only is it a right but a necessityfor all. (Béla Bartók: About the importance of folk music, p. 90)

The ornamentation has been created using the Moresque technique of filling the space with iterative motives. Due to the size of motives, the door of the cabinet creates the illusion of an actual textile coating.

By selecting various materials in different colours, qualities and types, numerous unique designs can be created for this cabinet model as well. The doors consist of identical motive lines both on the top and bottom. In between, another motive line decorates the door consisting of squares and rectangles. Horizontally, the doors’ ornamentation is structured following an A-B-A scheme. The front of the corpus is axially symmetrical and is enhanced by horizontally lined motives.