“FLOR” Armchair

Fotó: Kálmán Vass, Apor Püspöki

“The “Flor” chair and armchair are artistic, evoking a golden age through their own proud identities in contrast to today’s unidentifiable, featureless, short-lived objects. The simplicity and sense of celebratory-ornamenting that taps into the most ancient chair-design origins of the Egyptians, speak of the glory and beauty of the fullness of life.” (Jozsef Kiraly)
“Typical of our folklore is spontaneity, or the lack of calculated planning. Also typical is the rich variety confined within the limits of style but instinctually personalized creativity. The third attribute is the love of floral and the symbiotic existence with nature which does not manifest in mimicking nature but rather envisioning nature, creating nature through avoiding man-made elements and refraining from infusing design with uselessness.” (dr. Istvan Kiszely)

Produced with the support of National Culture Fund of Hungary.