2018 „Friso” curved armchair

Photography: János Fejér

„The Old found in New”.Because all artists have the right to find artistic roots in antecedent art, and not only is it a right but a necessityfor all. (Béla Bartók: About the importance of folk music, p. 90)

The parallel use of wood and metal are also present in these armchairs. The sides are created using the mirroring and lining of Frisian motives of smaller size. The curved and powder sintered aluminium layer creates an illusion of a lace-like coating in the armchair. I was very much intrigued by the structural opportunities provided by the perforated aluminium layer. The rivets typical for mudejar style are represented by round-head bolts in this case, ensuring fixation for the aluminium structure of the seat. The chair is most elegant when combining golden dispersion with palisander. Mahogany with antique crimson, palisander with turquoise, or several other combinations are possible to create an organic element for the interior design.

Produced with the support of National Culture Fund of Hungary