2018 „Friso” armchair

3D graphic design: Csaba Benkő

width: 58 cm, depth: 48,8 cm, height: 76 cm (with lumbar support)

„The Old found in New”.Because all artists have the right to find artistic roots in antecedent art, and not only is it a right but a necessityfor all. (Béla Bartók: About the importance of folk music, p. 90)

 The „Friso” or Frisian motive means dividing the square into 4 equal parts. Mirroring this base element I have created the design for the sides of chair, providing the structural element’s function as a large scale lattice. In the case of the metal-wood combination, the sides’ motive appears in size adjusted to the chair’s structural dividing. The wood had been manufactured by CNC technology, while the metal layer had been manufactured by laser cutting. The left and right disks are identical, simple to manufacture. The use of iterative round-head bolts and rivets also refer to mudejar style.

Produced with the support of National Culture Fund of Hungary