2018 „Mór” armchair

3D graphic design: Csaba Benkő

width: 58 cm, depth: 48,8 cm, height: 76 cm (with lumbar support)

„The Old found in New”.Because all artists have the right to find artistic roots in antecedent art, and not only is it a right but a necessityfor all. (Béla Bartók: About the importance of folk music, p. 90)

I have mirrored and recreated the patterns of the sides’ plane surface using Morisque technique of filling the plane with iterative motives constructed into pentagon shapes. The first work pieces were made of wood, when simultaneously applying laser-cut sheet metals and wooden boards opened new opportunities in designing the chair. The laser-cut aluminium sheet disk has been applied to create the structural elements. Combining the two material and their colours provided with the opportunity of forming interesting shapes for the chair silhouette. Antique gold – palisander, palisander – turquoise, maple – turquoise pairings show the great versatility. The fixation of perforated layer with iterative round-head bolts are inspired by mudejar style.

Produced with the support of National Culture Fund of Hungary