A.M. No. 1 Furniture set

Photography: László Lelkes

Once a client of mine told me not to design modern, commercially available furniture for their home, but rather buy antique.
This set me on a new course of design. What does modern and minimalist furniture lack that is present in an antique piece? What qualities make these attractive to the man of today’s society?
I analyzed the pieces of each period of furniture-history.
From stil to baroque, similarity lies in divisional-systematic qualities, while uniqueness originates from ornaments. “Ornaments could never be excluded from the most basic elements of art and it is impossible to imagine an artistic age, when they have no role. Ornaments are the deepest riddles of every art. “Bela Hamvas”
The first materialized piece of my analysis was the cabinet. The different functions were emphasized through simplistic objects and forms.