Puskas Academy Dormitory, Felcsut

Architect: Imre Makovecz

Photography: László Lelkes, Apor Püspöki

“Because every art form has the right to be originated in another and not only it has the right, but it must. So why wouldn’t we have the right to find such origin for folklore art?” (Bela Bartok) “The interior design of the Felcsut buildings adds the elements of a surreal vision to an already astonishing atmosphere. In conjunction with the face-like pillars of the roof-structure, the large twinge motifs above the wall cabinets in the main hall and the magnified bud-like features of the side lighting fixtures are the most exquisite examples of this surrealism. The interior design infuses plant-like nature forms into the building, which brings the whole structure to life. It is an exciting challenge for the interior designer, Zsuzsa Snopper, to marry the two different worlds of style.” (Janos Gerle: Jovoakademia ME 2011/2 (Academy of the Future))