St. Angels Church of Gazdagrét, Budapest

Architect: Imre Koppányi, Péter Koppányi

Glass Artist: Birgit Köblitz , holder of Ferenczy Noémi Award

Tapestry Artist: Máder Indira, holder of Ferenczy Noémi Award

Mosaic Artist: Father Marco Rupnik

St. Angels Church of Gazdagrét had always aimed at more than just serving religious purposes: The building was designed to provide a cultural space for community, hosting concerts, choir contests and other events in the unusual half-circle shaped church hall, to be surrounded by other halls, rectory and chapels. Such properties determined the style of further designs, keeping our focus on the sacral functions during the creation of interior design. Our purpose has been to form spaces which are able to nurture faith and religious devotion. Modern trends often lack formal elements of ceremonial atmosphere, the elevated, godly spirit is expressed through associated art works of glass art, tapestry art, mosaic art displaying figurative scenes of biblical lessons. The ceremonial tone is further enhanced by the use of textures and materials, the altar and ambo made of dark green stone of Verde Guatemala are positioned centrally. The pulpit is designed with stone inlay, expressing its special role in liturgy. Other elements of interior space like the simplistic benches and overlaying aim to serve acoustic functions. The benches are designed to stand on the already existing half-circle shaped stands, following and enhancing the curve of stairs at the same time. Harmony is created by balancing the accents and subordination in the sacral space.